Recommendations and restrictions in force in Northern Ostrobothnia

Recommendations for municipalities

  • It is recommended that municipalities promote vaccinations in all possible ways.

Events and public occasions

  • The Regional State Administrative Agency of Northern Finland prohibits all indoor public events and general meetings  in the municipalities of the province of Northern Ostrobothnia. 
  • Event organizers are advised to pay special attention to the possibility for participants to have adequate safety clearances. It is recommended to follow the hygiene and safety instructions.

Public facilities

  • Certain public facilities must be closed in Northern Ostrobothnia by a decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency. The decision is valid until 15.1.2022.

Private events

  • Private events should be held in the smallest possible format.

Mask recommendations

  • the mask is always recommended for use indoors.
  • on the way to the coronavirus test and before the test is completed if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.
  • in public transport, especially during peak hours.
  • for school staff and for students in fourth class or above when indoors.
  • in healthcare facilities for staff, patients and visitors when indoors.

Elderly and at-risk groups

  • Public and private service providers operate with enhanced protection measures to ensure that high-risk groups are protected from coronavirus infection.The measures follow the THL guidelines.
  • Careful consideration should be given to visits to the elderly and at-risk groups. It is recommended to use a mask and good hand hygiene when visiting.

Remote working and meetings

  • Remote working is widely recommended if possible.

Restrictions for restaurants

  • Northern Ostrobothnia is subject to restrictions imposed by the Government on the distribution areas regarding the opening hours and number of customer seats in restaurants. 

Home tests

  • Antigen home tests are recommended as a good adjunct to corona tests in healthcare. Home tests are suitable for people who have symptoms such as fever, runny nose or cough. If the home test is positive, it should be confirmed in healthcare. A negative home test does not release one from official isolation or quarantine.