Epidemic situation in Northern Ostrobothnia


Confirmed coronavirus cases:


Coronavirus cases confirmed during the previous day


Incidence in the previous 14 days / 100,000 inhabitants


The number of patients in Oulu University Hospital OYS


New infections in the previous 14 days


Total number of confirmed cases/infections

Recommendations and restrictions in force in Northern Ostrobothnia


  • The guidelines on good hygiene and safe distances are in force. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the guidelines in practice.

Mask recommendations (for over 12-year olds)

  • On public transport.
  • Persons on their way to be tested for the coronavirus, and before the results of the test are available. if there is an urgent need to be outside of the home.
  • Travellers arriving in Finland from high-risk areas as they move from their entry point to their place of quarantine or if they have an urgent reason to move outside their home during the quarantine period.
  • In comprehensive schools from grade 6 upwards and upper secondary and higher education institutions.
  • In work communities indoors if several people are working or present in the same space.
  • In indoor areas used for recreational activities or volunteer work if several people are present in the same space.
  • In public indoor spaces and at public events. 

Remote working

  • Remote working is recommended if possible. Otherwise employers should promote arrangements that reduce close contacts and other risk factors at workplaces.

The elderly and risk groups

  • Public and private service providers shall increase protective measures in their operations
    and activities, to ensure protection of high risk groups from coronavirus infection.
  • Careful consideration should be given to visits to the elderly and at-risk groups. It is recommended to use a mask and good hand hygiene when visiting.

Restaurants, bars ans licensed premises

  • In compliance with the Government guidelines
Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla kasvomaskin käyttöä suositellaan:


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