Recommendations and restrictions in force in Northern Ostrobothnia


  • The guidelines on good hygiene and safe distances are in force. Event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance with the guidelines in practice.

Mask recommendations (for over 12-year olds)

Recommended for those without full vaccination protection:

  • the mask is always recommended for use indoors.

Recommendation for the general population regardless of vaccination protection:

  • on the way to the coronavirus test and before the test result is completed if there is a necessary reason to move outside the home.
  • at its own discretion in public interiors where there are a lot of people close to each other for a long time (e.g. public events).
    in public transport, especially during peak hours.

Recommendation for social and health care facilities:

  • in social and health care facilities for staff when they are in close contact with patients or clients, and for visitors and outpatients when they are in close contact with patients or staff.
  • The use of masks is recommended for inpatients when they are in close contact with other patients.

The elderly and risk groups

  • Public and private service providers shall increase protective measures in their operations
    and activities, to ensure protection of high risk groups from coronavirus infection.
  • Careful consideration should be given to visits to the elderly and at-risk groups. It is recommended to use a mask and good hand hygiene when visiting.